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Martin B. Bresler

Mary M. Cunningham

Erin S. Davis

Glenn D. Furth

Amy L. Garland

Lisa M. Green

Randall J. Gudmundson

Thomas M. Harvick

C. Thomas Hendrix

Michael C. Kominiarek

Michael M. Rohde

Michael R. Webber

Laura J. Young

The Best Team for Your Successful Defense
Kominiarek Bresler Harvick & Gudmundson is a highly experienced team of lawyers with a primary focus on medical malpractice, insurance liability and related areas of practice. The potent mix of life-long veterans that have unmatched experience working alongside talented attorneys that provide energy and a fresh perspective makes us the ideal team for your important case.

Putting Together a Team for You

  • Based on the particular demands and nuances of your case, we will put together a team best suited for your defense.
  • Your team will cover all the bases—from talented attorneys with strengths in discovery and trial preparation, to veterans with proven litigation experience.
  • All of our attorneys have an uncommon commitment to great communication and clear and prompt reporting practices.

Want to learn more about your legal team?
Ultimately, it’s the people you partner with day in and day out that determine the quality of your legal defense. Review the biographies of the experienced attorneys that can be on your side.



“Success in defending against medical malpractice requires more than just an excellent knowledge of the law in this area, but is equally dependant on a deep and technical understanding of medicine. Without medical knowledge and experience, your attorney could have a long learning curve, which can only take time away from what should be the chief priority—devising a winning defense strategy.”

Thomas M. Harvick,

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