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A Track Record of Proven Success
Results are all that matters. Whether it’s a successful verdict, a favorable settlement or a dropped lawsuit, you need an outcome that ensures the viability of your business and leaves your reputation unblemished. Kominiarek Bresler Harvick & Gudmundson has a distinguished resume of trial results and settlements that favor our clients, resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

Whether a winning verdict, favorable settlement or another legal outcome that champions your organization or upholds your professional standing, Kominiarek Bresler Harvick & Gudmundson is dedicated to getting you and your organization the results you need.

Winning Results
Since being established in the Spring of 2002, Kominiarek Bresler Harvick & Gudmundson has tried to verdict over 70 cases and favorably settled or negotiated countless more. In addition, the cumulative experience of our ten partners and three associates over their professional lives adds up to over 150 verdicts and many more positive outcomes for our clients. These impressive results represent a savings of over $50 million in indemnity payments.

Explore a summary of select favorable results for our clients in three different categories:


“We have a reputation for successful litigation strategies and results, as well as for unparalleled reporting and delivering desired results with excellent cost control. Good client relations and good working relationships with opposing counsel, the judiciary and other court personnel are also important elements of our practice.”

Glenn D. Furth,

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